See Modern Warfare's "No Russian" Like You've Never Seen It Before

Michael Barnes is the man to thank for this incredible piece of Modern Warfare 2 machinima, which recreates the game's controversial "No Russian" mission in a manner fit for prime-time TV.

What you're seeing here is almost entirely in-game action from the PC version of the game. What Barnes has done is record it from different camera angles than the game's standard first-person perspective, then cut it together to look like a movie or TV show.

The results are a lot more exciting than the actual mission turned out to be.

WARNING: The clip below contains violent content, so don't go watching it at work.

Modern Warfare 2 - No Russian Machinima [YouTube]


    Pretty awesome

    Holy crap hes got the same name as me. I executed a perfect double take when I read that xD

      Maybe he is you and youre making these movies when youre sleeping. Youre living your own Fight Club.

      Holy crap. That guy AND you have the same name as me. Hooray for all Barneys everywhere!

    Can you imagine if IW had released THAT as a teaser for the game!?

    agreed, that was 10X more effective a scene cut like that.

    makes me actually like MW2. this is how the game should have flowed.

    Amazing editing. Color me impressed!

    I was angry with the way that mission turned out. Instead of being given an option to participate in the brutal slaughter of civilians to hide your identity, or to blow your cover by attacking them, you were FORCED to do it the developers way; with no repercussions for sitting back and not shooting. And you were given a game over screen if you chose to do anything but.

    I ended up shooting at the Russians because the scene actually made me feel a little bad, especially when they mowed down the people dragging wounded civilians. Why couldn't the mission end the same way with them killing me earlier, and then go on to the next mission. Why was it necessary for me to make it all the way to the end?

    It was still an effective scene, but personally I think it was carried out in the wrong way.

      your not forced to do anything, didnt you notice the option to skip the level?

    Holly crap, that was amazing.

    That was amazing...

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