Serious Sam HD Gets Its First Encounter On Steam

Serious Sam HD just landed a deathmatch update on the Steam PC gaming service.

The Serious Sam HD:The First Encounter Deathmatch update includes deathmatch multiplayer added for up to 16 players, seven new maps and 22 new achievements. There's also an updated spectator mode.

There's also a bunch more little dodads and tweaks that you can read about over on developer Croteam's website.

Deathmatch update is now available on Steam! [Croteam]


    Does the Steam version have the original co-op options? As I think they were what really made the game great. Trying to get through the game with unlimited lives, unlimited ammo but the hardest difficulty with extra enemy strength was a riot. You haven't had fun until you've been sent flying by a dozen werebulls at once.

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