Shameless Subliminal World Of Warcraft Ads Found In Gnomeregan

The Matrix Punchograph in World of Warcraft's Gnomeregan has been spitting out pro-WoW propaganda for years, right under our noses! Master of Warcraft translates the binary cards, revealing the advertisements, secret love affairs and a strange fascination with Natalie Portman.

Blizzard loves sneaking pop culture references into World of Warcraft, so it comes as no surprise that the binary punch cards players receive from the Data Rescue quest in the Gnomish homeland of Gnomeregan are rife with such references.

The messages on the punch cards range from silly scrawlings like "Thrall and Jaina sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G", to advertisements like "Tell your friends to play WoW" and "Play more WoW", likely references to the "Drink More Ovaltine" gag from the classic film A Christmas Story.

My favourite hidden message of the lot is the not-so-cryptic "Natalie Portman Rocks". I tend to agree, and having it spelled out in binary makes the message so much more sincere.

Check out Master of Warcraft for an exhaustive look at the secrets hidden deep within Gnomeregan's punch card machines.

Translating the gnomish binary and revealing the secrets! [Master of Warcraft]


    Those be encoded messages - not subliminal messages.

    I'm pretty sure these have been in the game (and decoded) for several years, i'm talking 06 / 07. This is an extremely late bit of news.

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