Report: Silent Hunter V Recalled In Germany Over Nazi Symbols

Silent Hunter V is a game in which Nazi submarines feature prominently. Oh, sorry. German submarines. Nazi submarines are still a taboo subject, which explains why the collector's edition of the game has just been pulled from German shelves.

See, it's illegal to graphically depict the swastika, the most well-known symbol of the Nazi party, in Germany. It's why you'll see in most strategy games and shooters the use of the Balkenkreuz, icon of the German military in the Second World War, in place of Hitler's misappropriated Hindu symbol.

Seems a few swastikas crept into the collector's edition of Silent Hunter V (and its manual) in Germany, however, so the game has had to be yanked to conform with the nation's laws. The regular edition is unaffected.

Ubisoft ruft Silent Hunter 5 CE zurück [ComputerBase, via Blues News]


    You know, for a game in a genre that would normally go under the radar (har har), this game has had a hilariously large amount of press... none of it good.

    Oh get over it Germany, you fucked up, live with your mistake stop trying to ignore it!

      They're not trying to ignore it.
      They are trying to stop it from happening again.
      If you spent some time in germany you would quickly realise the political enthusiasm to healthily move past the stigma of the Nazi regime whilst paying respect to those that suffered under it.

      Seriously? Thats what you think? Germany didn't "Fuck up" Europe "Fucked up". One of the strongest arguments to the cause of ww2 and rise of the nazi party is the missmanagement of the state by the victors of WW1 its basic history, there are other factors cultural see Stab-in-the-back legend, economic. Case in point Treaty of Versailles which more or less for lack of a better word "raped" germany as a state econimically and phsycologically.

        That should be psycologically

          That would be 'psychologically'.

          Spelling Nazi time!
          Psychologically xD

          Sorry weekend w/ nothing to do =3

        As long as we're straightening up around here.. it's "mismanagement" and "economically". Yet "Versailles" was spelled correctly - go figure.

      Completely missing the point. Swastika's are banned in Germany [and Poland, and I believe a few other European countries] as an attempt to stop a similar thing recurring.

      Hitler was so successful because he was playing into deep-seeded racist views that were present throughout Europe well before he was born, and which largely still exist to this day.

      They're simply trying to prevent a well-known symbol from being used as a rallying-call for future movements by any of the various neo-nazi groups throughout Germany.

      Idiot. The banning of the swastika in Germany was enacted by the Allies almost as soon as WW2 had ended as part of the Denazification. It has never been repealed because who the hell is going to argue in favour of it? Learn to history.

    Germany has already told the world Nazis were Nazis, not Germans. Why bother getting up in arms about it if they (sacred Germany) had nothing to do with it?

    What do they end up doing in the game? Thats something Ive always wanted to know. Do they censor it like in the article image? Rotate the Swastika? Edit the Swastika?

    I actually find Nazi Germany really interesting as a whole. I like watching documentaries and films about them. I like playing WWII games about them. However I don't like them. I just find them and there ideals interesting.

    Its makes the better game when Nazis are shown in they're full glory. Much more satisfying and interesting to fight such an evil enemy.

    Why would they want to keep a symbol of a terrible scar on thier nations past something that could be revived. ( Neo-Nazis they are a real thing wiki it)

    If germany wants to do this let them its a symbol nothing more, its not like they are saying nazis never existed.

      To learn from it. Ignoring or suppressing your past does not make the mistakes go away. All of you should know this as Australians because exactly the same thing has happened here. Almost no one knows the atrocities committed to the natives or perhaps they just shirk responsibility because it was "England".

      How are we supposed to learn from the mistakes of our past if we do not accept them.

      And the whole world was in a similar mess when the Nazi party was formed, it wasn't called the Great Depression because it was only Europe. The Nazi party did some pretty good things in its early days, its how things turned out that ruined it all.

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