Six More Years Of LEGO Games

Warner Bros and Traveller's Tales - creators of the LEGO series of licensed video games - have announced that there are plenty more games left in the partnership yet.

The publisher (and developer's) deal with the Danish toy company has been extended to 2016, meaning we've got six more years of LEGO games based on Star Wars, Harry Potter and whatever else can be whipped up over a boardroom table and sold across all platforms.

Let's hope those six years bring us at least one LEGO game based on, well, games. Halo, perhaps. Or God of War. Or, heavens forbid, Plants vs Zombies.


    Lego Call of Duty. Activi$ion will be eager for any excuse to ram more CoD down our throats.

    Lego Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect!

    i'd say they'll b based off movies...

    Lego Avatar perhaps? who knows... what i do know is that my fiance will want to play all of them... lol

    Lego Portal? Lego Peggle? Lego Starcraft?

    Harry Potter years 1-4 this year
    Then they will do Years 5-7.

    Then they will release that as a whole game plus another Harry Potter game aswell probably.

    During that time another new game will be released. Possibly a Marvel or DC Comic character.. i don't know if DC is in some contract because of Batman - but i would like to see some Xmen or Spiderman thrown in there.

    Lego Fallout anyone?

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