Small Differences Between Japanese And International FFXIII

Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are different. But that's not all.

According to website Final, there are several slight differences between the Japanese version of the FFXIII and the International version:

• Vibration: "However, how powerful the vibration is has been changed dramatically," writes the site. "You seldom feel it during gameplay and when you do, it's so weak it's barely worth having."

• Save Points: "In the Japanese release, when you exit the save menu, you could hold down the analogue stick while the screen quickly switched back to gameplay and you'd immediately start running," explains Final "Now if you do that you'll stay motionless." According to the site, players need to release the analogue stick and try once again.

• Shroud Menu: This was called the "Smoke Menu" in the Japanese version and allowed players to run around with this menu open and use it when players saw fit. "Now when you press L1 to open the shroud menu you can't move," adds the site. "This means you have to make sure you're the perfect distance from your target to use an aerosol or the time limit will run out and you'll end up wasting it."

Not sure why these small tweaks were made for the International version of the game.

The Irritating Changes Made to Final Fantasy XIII [Final]


    You forgot the brilliantly aweful English dub that makes me want to pull my face off. I wish that the PS3 had been hacked more than anything now so that someone could make an 'undub' version, similar to a few PS2 releases.

      I'm really starting to get a bit pissed that games aren't given the option to choose from the original language or the English language. The only game I've played that has the option is Blue Dragon (I know there are more, but I don't have them). The only excuse I can think of is if there isn't enough disc space left for multiple audio tracks, but this is hardly ever the case. ANGER RISING.

      Am I the only one who likes the English voice overs?

    I guarantee they aren't tweaks. They're likely bug fixes to satisfy scee or Microsoft qa standards. Or were just in te game when that particular version was submitted and approved

      Would've thought the same thing with the feature to have a menu on top gameplay. But Vibration, Why?

    Sigh. One day, Japanese versions (in anything) will get STRAIGHT conversions. One day. Its too bad by that time I will be into Shuffleboard and not deep, interesting Japanese plots.

    I've played both and I agree with the vibration, it doesn't feel as strong.

    I think I might know why the save point problem exist though. In the Japanese version I don't think you could use the Analog sticks during battle where as in the International Version you can. Possibly screwing around with the Analog settings in other areas of the game as also led to this problem. It drives me mental too as I've gotten used to running away from Save Points ASAP.
    It the same can be said with the Smoke Screen problem as well as the Analog stick now preforms more than one job...

    Is it only me or do the cutscenes look like they've really be redone for the International release? Not just the mouth movements but camera angles and movements. The flow of them seems different to me...

      I just did a bit more researching for PALGN and found these facts out...

      Japanese Version
      Save Menu: D-Pad + Analog
      Menu: D-Pad Only
      Battle: D-Pad Only

      International Version
      Save Menu: D-Pad + Analog
      Menu: D-Pad + Analog
      Battle: D-Pad + Analog

      Thus stuffing around with the Analog settings has probably caused the problems Final are talking about.

      ACCESS is SAVE
      Int. vs Japanese versions...

      I've never seen nor played the Japanese version but I had noticed the problem with the analog stick leaving save points, has been a little bit annoying. Though by the sound of it they did it to increase the functionality of the analog stick in the rest of the game so on balance i'm happier with having to wait a moment before trying to run.

    I haven't once noticed any vibration. I actually thought they'd removed it from the game or something.

    These changes don't even seem to really have an impact on the game. Its not like they cut content like SEGA and another well known title.

    The only one I care about that is vibration. I didn't even realise that it had vibration.

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