Snubbed Cover Candidate Says "No One Else" Deserves Madden Box But Him

Madden NFL 11 has put its cover athlete up for a vote. The Tennessee Titans' Chris Johnson, who is not a candidate, says there shouldn't even be a vote. "No one else deserve to be there but me," he said.

Now, that's the kind of product spokesman I'd want! Gee, wonder why EA Sports didn't include him in the pool with Minnesota's Jared Allen, Indianapolis' Reggie Wayne, and New Orleans' Drew Brees - who only won the freaking Super Bowl (the Titans did not make the playoffs.)

Johnson staking his cover claim on his ownership of the record for most yards from scrimmage in a single season which, while impressive, is not exactly a household topic. He also thinks he should be the highest paid offensive player in the league.

Johnson's only entering his third year in the league, so he probably hasn't yet learned the lesson that these sorts of things aren't entirely dependent on athletic ability and hard numbers. It's about being enough of a drawing card to put asses in the seats. And if there's a running back that age who sells tickets, it's Adrian Peterson.

Also, Madden isn't a Wheaties box. EA needs a guy who'll actually help sell the game. But if Johnson wants in, I say throw him into the voting. Brees, as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, would annihilate just about any active player.

Chris Johnson Wants to be on Cover of Madden, and More Money [Pro Football Talk via Pasta Padre]


    Geez, what an egotistical wanker.

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