So, How Much Did It Cost To Make God Of War III?

It's not often we're told how much a company spends making a video game. So when Sony discloses how much coin was spent developing God Of War III, we'll note it down.

According to John Hight, from Sony's Santa Monica studio, the blockbuster cost USD$44 million. With the average cost of producing a current-gen game standing at $US18-28 million, you can see Sony went the extra mile with this one.

Of course, even $US44 million is nothing compared to Gran Turismo 5's reported budget of over $60 million.

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    Interesting thing I read about GT5, that it's already turned a profit because of the sales of Prologue which has sold somewhere around 4 million.

    That's the only game I'm aware of where people are willing to pay for the demo.

    Nice business plan.

    It will probably make its money back in one day

    does anyone know what sort of sales numbers would be required to make a profit on a game thats the normal production cost? 1 million copies seems to be the magic number thrown around a lot but I'm never sure how true this is.

    no wonder ps3 exclusives do so well in ratings :)

    But how much will they spend on advertising and marketing? I'm guessing at least that much again.

    For example Halo 3 cost around $60 million US, but then Microsoft spent closer to $200 million promoting it! :O Advertising is expensive!

    I realy can't wait for this, been playing the demo to death (no pun intended) it STILL peeves me that I can't have a go at that Titan yet.....
    Any chance of winning a copy Dave???

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