So, Just Who Is Kotaku's Bluest Reader?

In order to win yourself a copy of 2D fighter Blazblue: Calamity Trigger and a PlayStation 3 arcade stick, we asked you to show us just how blue you can be. The five winners will turn the rest of you green.

Thanks to our friends at All Interactive Entertainment, we had FIVE copies of the BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger arcade stick bundle for PlayStation 3 up for grabs.

To enter, we wanted you to send us a photo of yourself surrounded by blue stuff. As much blue stuff as possible. Interesting, quirky, clever, funny blue stuff.

There were some excellent entries and, ultimately, little to separate the winning photos from the losers not-quite-so-winning photos. Above right is one winner while below are the other four, and then below that you'll find some smaller thumbs of my other faves. Well done to everyone who entered.

They were the winners. Now enjoy the magnificent efforts of a bunch more talented yet silly Kotaku readers.


    Very well done guys! lol some of those are pretty awesome. soooooo much blue.. 0_0

    also, add 1x standard *gasp* for cute gamer girls LOL

    I really like that guy with the hood and glasses over his head (holding up the K).


      I REALLY want his shirt too haha. No idea what it is, it just lookd neat!

        Hi you two,

        That would be me under that pillowcase, thanks for the compliments!

        Oh and for the record, that face on my shirt is my little animated character named "Soup". He has a couple of cartoons you can watch if you like my username here.

        Aaaaaand... funny enough - I have that shirt on sale on redbubble:

        Thanks heaps <3

          and by "like" I really mean "click".


            instant love! haha

          Nice one, Josh!

            Glad you like it Chuloopa! It's definitely my main seller (and by that I mean it's earned me the grand total of 20 bucks in it's lifetime lol)

            And no flame, it's not a mudkip XD
            ...Although that'd be pretty awesome on a shirt...

        Yeah whoever this is, please reply. I wonder if it's a mudkip tshirt?

    Hmm... I would've just been swearing and telling dirty jokes.

    Woo i won something! :D My efforts and constant refresh buttoning were not in vain...


      EDIT: Shit yeah! The Wire :D

      Last edited 14/11/12 11:07 am

    Gonna do one for Red Dead Redemption?? :3

    Nice effort people! Was it a coincidence though that the wire season 3 featured in 2 of the winning entries? I think not. Another confirmation of a brilliant show.

      Buffy DVDs in the first pic, it wins =]

    Wow all the entries were amazing! That's some stiff competition there.

    Definately a shout out to JoshLG and SteveM as well. Must've been hard coming up with winners that's for sure.

      Thank you, sir.

    Excuse me people.. but did we just lose the game? I think I did.. but its hard to tell...

    :O just found out my cousin won this, Gratz bro :p

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