Someone's Gonna Buy A R.O.B. For Four Grand

This display case, containing a pristine, never-played Nintendo Entertainment System, and a never-used Robotic Operating Buddy (we like to be formal on first reference here) will fetch more than $US4000 when its eBay auction closes in about 30 minutes.

For those who remember when the console first came out, this would be the Deluxe Set, which included the console and two controllers, plus the Light Gun, ROB, Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros. and Gyromite, one of just two games in the ill-fated Robot series of the original NES.

"These are extremely difficult to find, and this unit comes 100% complete in the original box," says the seller. "Additionally, I don't believe this unit was ever used as it is in excellent shape, as can be seen in the pictures."

Hell, I'd say some prop house in Hollywood should snap that up. When they do the reboot of A Christmas Story, set in 1986, and Ralphie ditches the official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle for the Nintendo Entertainment System Deluxe Set with Light Gun, R.O.B. and Duck Hunt, this would assuredly anchor the department store window-shopping scene.

Nintendo NES M9 Display RARE Deluxe ROB snes m82 m8 [eBay, thanks M]


    Its cool how its a mint display model but Id rather buy a different rare item like a Neo Geo or Atari Jaguar (which is so rare in AUS) than this.

    did rob ever make it to aust.?

      Yep, my mate bought one from cash converters, Ballarat Victoria almost 2 decades ago. We used to play Gyromite as kids (I think that's it) where the poles go up and down. Only paid $70 back then for his birthday :)

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