Sonic 4 Gets The Blue Skies Right

Sega today released some new screenshots for its upcoming love-letter to Sonic fans, Sonic 4.

Whether the game - the first console title to consist entirely of 2D side-scrolling since most of you were small children - is any good or not, we still don't know. But I know one thing: they sure got that Sega Blue Sky right. Look at it! It's so blue.

Sonic 4 is an episodic title, the first of which will be available for download around mid-year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.


    It's.........Sonic..........and it's........done right............*sniffle*.......

      yeh, it actually looks good. Made me a little giddy, taking me back to the first time I played sonic.

    Sonic upstages Mario ANYDAY of the year!

    Yeah let that stir some people up.

    No seriously, he does! Sonic is... well, COOL!

      Your allowed to say that when they make a good 3D sonic game that isn't on the Dreamcast.

        Sonic 3D Blast.
        Yeah, fool.

      Sonic is try hard cool, he wishes he was cool but is so desperately trying to act cool, he isn't. Now Mario is as fruity as an apple, but at least he's happy being that way, you don't see him trying to appeal to some young edgy market.

    I was really excited until I saw the word "episodic".

      How is that a bad thing? It just means more 2D Sonic games. Everybody's Happy :)

      I with you there. How much work can be going in to it to require episodes? I'm still waiting for half life ep 3 . Im 27 already if sonic goes episodic then I be dead before they get to episode 3...

        understood, but i doubt it would take more than a 6months (year max) to pump an episode out. Sega want that cash flowing after all. Personally i prefer it this way rather then thye release the game say 3 episodes worth and then you don't see a sonic 5 till like the next 2-3 years. Too much of a gap for me.

    Considering my PS3 is dead, I might get this for my Wii. I just hope it lets you use the classic controller...

    It looks like the old sonic. Brilliant.

    While the promise of finally getting a good 2D Sonic game fills me with hope, I'm not going to be convinced until the first reviews hit.

    yup there is still alot more to making a good sonic game than making it 2d, but it is a step in the right direction

    "the first console title to consist entirely of 2D side-scrolling since most of you were small children"

    What's New Super Mario Bros then?

    I really hope he doesn't speak in this game .... !!!

    what's up with those targeting reticles? I really hope that's a noob feature that can be turned off so that the game can be enjoyed classic style!

    But how will this work, the new consoles don't even have BLAST Processing :p

    so its a remake of sonic 2? the first and last pics both have enemies that look identical to ones from the first zone.

    I like the cel-shaded look that they're going for. It gives an impression of it being 3D while sticking to the game roots.

    I thought some parts of Sonic (first one - can't remember the name) on the DS wasn't bad. I though it just got frustrating during the screen changes...

    I am still keen to play it though!

    I've been over Sonic since Sonic Adventure back in 1999. I'll give this one a chance.
    Please Sega - return to the classic Sonic soundtrack and not this rock/pop shite... unless it's Michael Jackson or Lionel Richie.

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