Sony Issues Free Weekly Quests To White Knight Chronicles

Sony Issues Free Weekly Quests To White Knight Chronicles

Players who tore through the content of Sony’s epic PlayStation 3 role-playing game White Knight Chronicles should be extremely pleased with the news that Sony is delivering weekly free downloadable quests through the end of June.

I was perfectly satisfied with the amount of content included in the North American release of White Knight Chronicles for the PlayStation 3, but then I have a huge backlog of games to go through, so I’ve not actually seen everything that the game has to offer. For those that have, Sony and developer Level 5 have you covered well into the summer, with new quests available to download free every week between now and the end of June.

Every week new permanent quests will be popping up on your White Knight Chronicles quest map, as well as limited-edition quests that will only run for two weeks at a time. Sony urges fans of the game to keep up with its Twitter account to stay on top of which quests are active when.

To celebrate the news, Sony is giving away a lovely 12-inch White Knight figure to players who participate in specific quests during the weekend of March 19. Hit up the link below to find out what you need to be doing when for a chance at this foot-tall work of art.

White Knight Chronicles: Free Quests through June! [PlayStation Blog]


  • Well its not horrible, if you like ff11 you may possibly enjoy it, though the georama (building your own town) is really money sink…..

  • I read the reviews, thought everyone was completely wrong – it was designed to be a true-blood JRPG.

    Then i bought the game.

    It really is a true blood JRPG, set in a very confused era of Swords and flying ships. And giant and glorious enemies.

    The maps are huge, the items are expensive, selling them is worthless, the combat is slow, they make you pay ($6?) to recustomize your avatar, and the dialogue is cliche.

    Not that any of these are necessarily a downside – if you reaaalllyy want to wind down after work, it’s like taking a sleeping pill.

    • Also, that figure looks pretty average and this is an American offer only. Australian site, American deal. Hmmm…

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