Sony: Passing On Demon's Souls "A Mistake"

Sony Computer Entertainment published From Software's brilliant Demon's Souls in its native Japan, but when it came time to take it westward, it was up to publisher Atlus to step forward and localise the PS3 game. "That was a mistake."

So says Sony Computer Entertainment VP of international software Yeon-kyung Kim, according to 1UP's account of his GDC appearance. "It should have come out as a first-party title," Kim said. Sony expected initial shipments of 15,000, but the game has since gone on to see impressive sales in the US.

Sony Computer Entertainment America may take comfort in the fact that it wasn't the only publisher to take a pass on Demon's Souls, but chances are looking good that, if Demon's Souls II comes to be, it will have publishers lining up to grab distribution duties.

Frankly, though, here's one vote for Atlus bringing us the sequel and strongly supporting that one too.

GDC 2010: The Changing Face of Localization [1UP]


    Kind of sad we didn't get an Australian release, but as (I think it was?) David said - Those who want to play it would've already imported it to play.

    Sounds promising though!

    If atlus took the effort to release the original when everyone else passed on it, i think they should get first dibs on the sequel. But i suppose that won't happen.

    This mean they're gonna bring it out here?

    Sure support the little guy that took a chance, I get that but come on Atlus bring it to Oz have the heart, courage and brains to please us Aussies too.

      Atlus doesn't have a publishing arm in the PAL territories. In fact Square Enix published Persona 4 last year

    Atlus have been much better at bringing us this game with giving good pre-order bonuses and constant game events throughout the year.

    Read on a few sites that a Spainish (PAL) version is slated for a June release. I think this pretty much means a June release for Australia. Fingers crossed!!

    You can get it in Australia, thanks to the PS3 not being region-locked. It just means you get a US version and pay on US servers, it doesn't cause any trouble. I've thoroughly enjoyed the 1 1/2 playthrouughs I've been through so far, I'm wondering if I have the stamina to do the 4 playthroughs required to get a Platinum trophy for the game.

      Dungeon Crawl has copies, among other outlets.

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