Speaking Of God Of War, Here Are The Latest Clash Of The Titans Screens

If you are going to compare a game to God of War, why not use the game based on the remake of the movie that surely held some inspiration for God of War in the first place?

Developer Game Republic really has it rough. EA's Dante's Inferno garnered sharp criticism from many a gamer and journalist for being similar to Sony's God of War, and here they are creating a game for Namco Bandai that not only looks similar, but features many of the same characters that have appeared in the GoW franchise over the past few years. In fact, savvy players will recall that Sony tapped Harry Hamlin, the actor from the original Clash of the Titans, to reprise his role as Perseus in God of War II.

Of course the remake doesn't feature Mr Hamlin, so if it turns out horrible, I suggest replaying God of War II and pretending.


    this game could easily lend itself to a Shadow of collussus style of play. so liberating not wasting time fighting pointless henchmen and really being able to enjoy the world when travelling between battles.

      Yeah I actually wish more games would rip off SOTC, it was so great.
      Also the depth of field in these screen shots makes everything look like its a miniature...

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