Splinter Cell Conviction Demo Out This Week

It's a bit hard to believe the long-delayed Splinter Cell: Conviction will actually be out soon. If you needed something tangible as proof, you could always try the Xbox Live demo of the game, due out this week.

It'll be released on March 18, which is this Thursday. Two levels from the game are playable, though they're not successive sequences, the action skipping around in order to avoid any potential plot spoilers.

The game itself will be released on April 13, for the PC and Xbox 360.


    Do we know if these are single player only missions in the demo or are they giving us a co-op mission to try as well..? (that would be sweet)


    Thanks kotaku for the news, its brightened my evening darkened by trigonometry.


    Any word on if this is a coop demo or sp demo?
    Or maybe one of each?

    Shame I had to cancel my preorder because of the retarded DRM. Thanks, Ubisoft, for ruining my most-wanted game for 2010.

    Umm shocker!
    I didn't think this would receive a demo - it's Splinter Cell. But then again, its been gone for far TOO long.

    I guess this will decide whether i buy it or not, even though i had plans TO buy it! Can't wait. Just Cause 2 is gonna have to hold off a little longer...

    No PC demo then? That's a shame.

    Do we know whether we are getting a PC demo as well? I'd love to try this out but my 360s harddrive is stuffed, and is preventing me from downloading anything.

    Does anyone else think this whole tagging the enemies and then pushing the 'perform killing for me' button is a bit worrying?

    I wanna do the shooting, not watch the computer do it all.

    that's the biggest concern i have for this game

      Then don't use it?

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