Spy Hunter Movie: It's Back On

It's been on, off, on, then off again, and now, for the third time, somebody is trying to make a movie based on classic 1983 arcade game Spy Hunter.

When movie studio Warner Bros. purchased embattled publisher Midway last year, it got for its money the rights to a Spy Hunter movie. Believing there's money to be made around the idea of a spy driving a car full of machine guns, it's kicked it straight back into production.

Up-and-coming writer Chad St. John is on script duty, while Dan Lin and Roy Lee (The Departed) will be producing. Rounding out the list of names involved so far is executive producer Doug Davison (The Departed, again) and co-producer Stephen Gilchrist (Sherlock Holmes).

Third time's a charm, eh?

'Spy Hunter' video game headed to big screen [Hollywood Reporter]


    Great now i have the game music stuck in my head, worst part is im hearing it in 8 bit.

      Me too!

    i thought they made one with dwayne johnson?

      Nope, game with his image license.

    Big Name actors won't want to be in Spy Hunter the Movie. Your playing second fiddle to a car with machine guns...

    Possibly the problem with Re-booting Knight Rider which they constantly try.

    this is dumb! I could make this movie by editing together every Bond movie driving sequence into one long drawn out set piece. I mean, that's what this game was made to emulate after all...

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