StarCraft II Beta Invites For Your Friends

Some of you already in the StarCraft II multiplayer beta are about to become more popular. According to some lucky beta testing tipsters, Blizzard is sending out e-mails with extra StarCraft II beta keys to share with a friend.

The one-time use invite may be part of Blizzard's efforts to further test the new "Real ID" feature, as the invites encourage beta testers and friends of beta testers to buddy up. Whatever the case, early access to play StarCraft II is the kind of thing that makes friendships stronger, even if you're beating each other up on the virtual battlefield.

Anyone else get an invite?


    Some one please send me one! Please Please Please! I will be your friend forever :P...


    A mate of mine's in the SC2 Beta: he hasn't been able to give out any keys to friends yet.

    EU and US beta players have, though.

    Now all I need is a friend who already has a SC2 beta key :(

    If anyone here is in the beta, I am your new best friend.

    anyone can invite me to the beta??????

    I would do embarassing things to get an invite.

    jk, but i want!

    I got my invite a friend email a couple of hours ago, with the profile rest that will be happening soon they are doing a mini-release test on thier servers

      *profile reset, i can't spell

    I am an actual SC2 WoL beta tester blizzard has sent these emails out and the game is very fun.

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