Stargate Resistance Sold Off As Bankruptcy Guts Original Publisher

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment started reading Chapter 11 last month, and now a court-appointed official has taken control of the company's assets, which includes Stargate Resistance. The game has been sold off and will continue to be supported.

Cheyenne Mountain, however, sounds like it has gone clank. It has less than $US10,000 in the bank (so do I!) with debts, liabilities and obligations north of $US16 million, $US1.1 million of that in payroll obligations going back a full year. So Stargate Resistance, which released Feb. 10, has been sold to a new company created by Cheyenne Mountain shareholders. They've continued with post-release support for the game, even rolling out an update yesterday.

When the company filed for bankruptcy protection last month it blamed the decision to do so on its former chairman and CEO, alleging shady dealings that sent payments to a shell company he owns and reneged on the terms and payments of a stock purchase. At the time, the company indicated that the bankruptcy filing could have been pulled back. But if a court has come in to manage and/or sell off the company's property, it looks like game over.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment All But Dead; Stargate Resistance Sold On [VE3D]


    Why the hell cant stargate catch a break? god someone give the rights to the next stargate game to a company that wont default or get into some kind of shitstorm.

    The Go'ald must have infiltrated the publishing industry!

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