Stars Wars Strippers We Never Want To See Again

If you were to name which Star Wars characters you like to see in a burlesque show, Slave Leia might be at the top. Heck, a Stormtropper-getting-naked might make the list, too. Boba Fett? Sure, why not.

How about Chewbacca? Or C-3PO? Or Jabba the Hut? Eh... These characters most certainly would not. Too late! Over the weekend, burlesque troupe Devil's Playground once again got down to its skivvies for its Star Wars strip spectacular - but this time, with new Star Wars characters. The show features standards like the aforementioned Slave Leia and Stormtropper, but also Star Wars characters we never want to see get down to their g-strings ever ever again.

Performers include Lucy Fur as C-3PO, Sin Fisted as R2-D2, Scarlet O'Gasm as Jabba the Hutt, Daisy Meadows as Chewbacca and Miss Mia Vixen as the Death Star. Something tells me that isn't their real names. Call it a hunch.

Star Warz Burlesque Returns with New Characters R2-D2, Chewbacca and Death Star [LA Weekly via Topless Robot]



    HAHA that's awful.

    I wonder if anybody actually found those attractive. O.o

    These aren't the strippers I'm looking for

    Possibly both the best and the worst thing I've ever seen on the internet all week.

    I would so pay to see that. The novelty value far outweighs any sense of "you did what to my Star Wars?"!

    i mean.... what?
    what the hell is this? freaky as all bejesus
    are these canon?
    more importantly, are they licensed?

    I wish I was dead.

    Hahaha, that's just too good (in a funny way that is).

    Nobody seems to have called it yet, so here goes:

    "It's a trap!"

    Ladies, gentlemen, I present to you.... Rule 34.. kinda...

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