Start A Game On 360, Play On PC, Finish On A Phone

Microsoft's "Live Anywhere" concept, whereby Xbox Live can be shared across multiple platforms, isn't quite yet with us. But when it is, it may look something like this.

Speaking at TechEd Middle East, Microsoft's Eric Rudder has shown off this demo of a platformer that is able to be played across a mobile phone, Xbox 360 and PC. Not only is the game mostly comprised of the same code (only around 10% has to be specifically reserved for multiplatform stuff), but as Rudder shows, you can play on your phone, pause, then resume playing on a 360 at the exact point you stopped on the phone.

Pretty great.

[via Engadget]


    This seems like a nice idea, I dont know how important or big it will be though.. seems more like the sort of thing that logically made sense to gamers for years..

    Thanks for catching up..

    Yeah but how good would the games be? Mobile phones have know where near as much grunt as an xbox 360 or PC. The games would be limited to how powerful the phone is.

    The real big thing that no-one has talked about is the fact that you will most likely have to buy the game for every platform you want to play it on -_-

      BAM! hit the nail on the head Steven.

        i highly doubt it, im guessing it will be a Xbox Live integrated service that will cross over with one Linked account, its the re-download that will suck

    Yeah... this sounds like the kind of thing that seems like a really good idea on paper... to a non gamer... but in reality it would be just annoying and too much effort to download the game three times, transfer saves, switch between control schemes, etc. Especially when 99.9% of people are happy to just play it normally, and I dunno, listen to their iPod on the bus.

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