Street Fighter IV IPhone Hits Tonight

Street Fighter IV iPhone hits the App Store later tonight for $US10.

It looks like this.


    It looks like crap.
    There seems to be some frames of animation missing.And the moves are way to hard to pull off.

    Graphics look impressive for a portable, but I can't help but notice that the dude was actually fighting to control his character.

    It's officially out :)

    Such awesome news, cant wait until my 3 min download is up and i have it :)
    Capcom FTW!

    so they can port SF4 to iphone but not the wii.
    Lazy CAPCOM!!

    It's surprisingly damn good! The moves are really easy to pull off, and the new button config is well thought out, easy to pick up and very responsive. EASILY worth the price they're asking. Best Iphone game yet.

    Only downside is your hands cover the speaker so you miss out on some bone crushing sounds.

      I agree!
      I know there was alot of people worried about how a game like Street Fighter would handle on a touch device, and its actually quite good, they seem to have tweaked it enough so that pulling of moves is easy without making the gameplay suffer.
      This app is already on my home screen, freaking love it.

      Does suck about the speak thing but, one of the first things i noticed.

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