Street Fighter? Zombies? Zombie Street Fighters!

Zombies don't just bite regular people. They bite World Warriors as well, meaning not only do these zombies know all kinds of crazy martial arts moves, they also know how to eat your face off. Formidable!

And no, it's not wrong to think Cammy is still easy on the eyes. It would be wrong to discriminate against zombie arse like that. Zombies are, or at least were, people too, you know.

[Manuhell @ CGHUB]


    Haha nice 'Tyrant' designs for Gouki and Sagat.

    why has a akuma got a hole in him?

      that's where his soul used to be ... or maybe a vague reference to bleach's 'hollows'?


    Now those are some zombies I wouldn't want to come across in Left 4 Dead.

      you wouldnt want to cum across cammy?

        ^ like ^

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