Stupid Speedboat Tricks In Just Cause 2

Square Enix's latest Anatomy of a Stunt video for Just Cause 2 shows off a very creative way to reach those hard-to-reach places with a rocket launcher.

The more I see of Just Cause 2 the more I want to get my hands on it, yet I've not even downloaded the demo yet, mainly due to another Square Enix game I'm trying to finish at the moment. From the feedback I've seen from the limited demo alone, it seems like players are having no trouble at all coming up with their own creative uses of the freedom afforded by Avalanche's latest creation.

Judging by my current schedule, I should get to Just Cause 2 just in time to keel over from old age.


    The demo is AMAZING.
    Try this: Grapple yourself onto the very top of an upright gas cylinder and shoot at it while holding on. You will then proceed to float up unto the air. Just remember to detach yourself before it explodes!

    Practical Applications? Well it's more than just &[email protected]#ing hilarious, you can use it as an emergency escape route, mid mission. Or even tether and enemy to it, and send them flying!
    and this is just ONE of the many awesome things I've discovered in the demo!

      HA-HA that was the first thing i tried to do at the spawn :)

      Awesome game definitely picking it up at launch

    That was awesome - I'm loving the craziness of the demo. As a game to scratch my itch of blowing #$%@ up and having moments like the video above I may pick this up.

    hahaha thats the best video yet. loving the demo (not the 30 minute time limit though) and looking forward to the full game.

    I pre-ordered it after playing the demo on Steam and I loved it, its a hilariously, over the top, open world mayhem.

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