Super Mario Bros In 64 Pixels

Here's what happens when you take a relatively primitive game and downgrade it to an extremely primitive game, courtesy of Carnegie Mellon student Chloe Fan.

This project is very reminiscent of Street Fighter in 15 pixels, only of course this is Super Mario Bros, and Chloe had several more pixels to work with. Still, it manages to translate the core concepts of the game into a much simpler form. This would have made the perfect handheld companion to the original NES.


    Very cool! She needs to raise the bar and try and port something a little more challenging next like.. I dunno, Goldeneye?

    Serious kudos on the geek meter!

    Needs more Goomba.

    Gold! Add sound FX to the music and I'm sold.

    Homsar Wonnor!

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