Super Street Fighter IV Box Art Gets A Welcome Dose Of Dudley

Super Street Fighter IV Box Art Gets A Welcome Dose Of Dudley

Fans disappointed by the drab box art Capcom rolled out for the North American release of Super Street Fighter IV should be pleased with the updated look, which ditches Cammy for the ever-dapper Dudley.

I was not pleased with the original box art one bit, likening it to tossing bits of clip art about in Photoshop. Now Capcom has added a splash of colour, done away with Cammy, whose relevance was questionable, and given us Dudley, for reasons explained in a post on the Capcom Blog.

We brought in colour and texture to the background, swapped the placement of Juri and Chun-Li, and dropped out Cammy for the awesome Dudley. We did this because we know you guys love you some Dudley! But the other reason was that we now have three series represented with those three characters. Adon = Alpha / Dudley = 3rd Strike / Dee Jay = Super SFII. Add in SF’s leading man and woman, Ryu and Chun-Li from SFII, and Juri from Super SFIV, we almost have a full SF representation.

While it’s still not nearly as nice as the European box art, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Your thoughts?


  • While its certainly a step in the right direction, it still feels a little ‘copy-and-paste’ for my liking. Less over-the-top filtering would do wonders in my opinion, and I find the entire piece to be too dark now.

    However, as we’ll be getting the European artwork, its hard to care too much. ^^

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