Swords And Paddles: Sports Champions On PlayStation Move

Here's video of two of the six games available in Sports Champions for the PlayStation Move, a table tennis game and a gladiator competition.

First the sword battle (above) - which obviously isn't just limited to swords. One had serves as the melee weapon control with the off-hand wielding the shield.

Now here's the table tennis video. Rather self explanatory. In format, it seems like Sports Champions is a buffed up Wii Sports Resort, and I'm wondering if this is supposed to be the disc included with the Move.

For more info, read up on Crecente's impressions.

Finally, here's a bunch of screens.


    I cannot WAIT for this to drop. I've been really looking forward to it since they first previewed it. The response looks so sharp and accurate, it looks like the real deal( as opposed to the horrible clunky Natal ). Add to that the PS3's powerful hardware, and I have much hope for the possibilities of this system.

    I'm definately buying it on launch. If these games came WITH the controller, well, that'd be wicked.

    it DOES look better than Wii Sports in every way possible...
    but at least come up with a better imagination than most likely shipping MOVE with a Sports game that is exactly like Wii Sports.

    I mean - Resort may be a large improvement for Wii Sports - but its still a really boring game afterall, just more sports to get bored of. The fun wears off very quick!

    I'm more looking forward to what core games can do with motion control.

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