Take Part In Kotaku's Census 2010

Later this month, citizens of the United States will take part in the 2010 Census, an event aimed at helping the government learn more about the people it's trying to serve. We're doing exactly the same thing.

Ever wonder how many other people out there like the same game you do? Or think the same way you do about a burning issue? Throughout this week, we'll be polling you, the readers of Kotaku, on a wide range of topics, most of them directly related to video games. Unlike the US census, however - or anything run by an advertising company - we're not after your demographics. Your age, race, income, gender, whatever, it's not important.

What is important to us is what drives you as gamers. What you think, what you feel, what makes you play games and influences you while you're doing it, that's what we're trying to find out.

To that end, over the next five days, we're going to hit you with a range of polls. In the interests of fairness (and accurate data), these will be locked via both cookies and IP address to prevent duplicate voting. We'll also be withholding the results until next week, when we publish everything in a single handy report, so that users can't see which response is "winning" and go with the flow.

We're serious about the figures we get out of this, and hope that when the dust settles on the questions, we can share with you next week a pretty good idea of what makes you tick. Voting on all questions will be open until Sunday, March 21.

As questions are posted throughout the week, we'll list them below, in case you miss one while you're asleep/at work and would like to contribute.


    Sounds good :)

    lol "how many 360's have died on you?"

    For me 0 but I'd love to see the results and the spin that comes with it. Starting with "OMG 80% failure rate" to "Get F*ed Sony Fanbois jut hit the max number and screwed the results..."

      I'd like to see "How many PS3 games do you have?"

        For me? Mostly music games everything else I play on 360 or Steam for achievements. Trophies are rubbish because they're not on GiantBomb.

        I was just trying to frame Peter Richards thoughts in a more interesting light, not promote a console.

        I work around advertising and Fanbois are of endless amusement to me, how can someone attach their worth to a product designed to extract money from them. All their belief wound up in a "brand essence" carefully designed to confuse the value proposition of a product and make people buy it.

        I don't know if you were having a go at me Stinky but, I like getting on my soap box.

    I just hope people answer truthfully and don't fanboy it up.

    Focused Questions:
    "Did you play through 'No Russian'?"
    "How many soldiers have you lost in Valkyria Chronicles, excluding Isara?"

    General Questions:
    "In what year did you first start playing video-games?"
    "At what age did you start playing video-games?"
    "What platforms do you currently play games on?"
    "How many games do you own?"
    "What genres do you enjoy most often?"
    "What genre of music do you enjoy whilst playing?"


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