Take-Two: More Borderlands DLC Coming

Touting the popularity of the three pieces of downloadable content released for Borderlands to date, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder said today that more are on the way.

"Borderlands continues to build on its success in the market," Feder said during the company's quarterly financial earnings call. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx was the "highest scoring in the series".

"We will continue to support the title with more add-on content."

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, released last month, was the third downloadable pack released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game.

Speaking with Kotaku this morning, Gearbox senior designer Paul Hellquist declined to comment on the release of future DLC for Borderlands. He did say that the developers have considered a number of different approaches to future Borderlands DLC, including a pot luck pack that would include a number of small things that could be sold for less then the $US10 the other three sold for.


    I’m not a fan of DLC, I’m not going to pay that amount of money for what I consider a small amount of content.

      For the $16au I paid for it, ive gotten over 16 hours of gameplay so far and ive still got a bit more to do. This is double some retail games you pay a good $80+ for.

      Indeed some DLC is utter trash, but in this case, it is more than worth every penny.

        I haven’t actually played the DLC for Borderlands yet myself, but my comment was referring to DLC as a whole, a lot of games simply are charging you for almost nothing, the UFC game is asking for $7 for 2 crappy fighters you got if you pre ordered the game. Keep in mind that these fighters dont have their own move set and don’t come with any other features, you’re practically buying 2 new player skins.

    I'd like to know who all these people are who are buying the DLC for this uninspired game.

      oh thats right. because you dont like the game no one should buy the DLC. idiot. if you dont like the game why are you commenting on an article about the game?

      Are names and addresses ok or do you need next of kin details as well? Pretentious much?

    But the first and 3rd one was worth it.

    They need to take the Burnout Paradise route about now and do a bunch of free updates, patches, alittle additions, etc...

    Then hit us with a final "Island" sized update and we'll love them all over again...

      hear hear

    more i say MORE

    borderlans, easily the best co-op game ever. very easy to setup on a lan, works well and designed for multiple players. No wonder it is selling well.

    Take note all you crappy developers ignoring co-op and lan support lately.!!!!

    Borders is a pretty cool game, but the DLC... iono the idea kind of annoys me.

    Having been obsessed with FO3 for ages, I got 100% on it, then the broken steel add on came out - so same thing, got the higher levels, explored new areas, went back to the previous DLCs and finished them. Then 2(?) more came out. I never got that satisfaction of just wandering the wasteland, enjoying my time.

    That, and the fact that DLC feels like an ingenius way to pay more for a game than the RRP.

    I.E Borderlands - Sure, we've released the game, but pay $10 MORE and you'll get a FEW EXTRA LEVELS...

    YAY GEARBOX! Love borders. <3

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