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    Anyone else having MAJOR issues with heavy rain at the moment? For me, the game is unplayable. I have not been able to get past the first scene with the FBI agent.

    I am pretty sure it is close to the end of the scene, I investigate the area, climb the muddy hill, leave the scene and just as I am walking back to my car... FREEZE! It has happened 3 times now. Each time the saved game is corrupt so I have to start the whole game again.

    Last night was my last straw, I am not putting the game back in until a patch comes out. It is just a waste of time otherwise.

    For the record, I am on a fat 60gb PS3.

      It froze for me maybe five times within the first few scenes. Then, for whatever reason, it didn't happen again for the rest of the game. I hear it's a fairly common issue, but there doesn't seem to be much of a pattern to it.

        I know what you mean by the pattern thing. It is fine on some machines and people are able to play from start to finish, but mine is happening at the same place in the same scene.

        David, with your knowledge do you think this is a problem with the coding in the game itself, or do you think that the PS3 is starting to show some signs of stress under these graphic intensive games?

        I managed to play through and finish the entire game without running into any bugs whatsoever.

        Now, as I go back through the chapter selection to trophy-hunt, the game freezes on a black screen.

        I think I've been luckier than a lot of other people here...

          Started Heavy Rain again last night. Still no luck... froze at the same place. SOOOOO annoyed at this game right now. Does anyone know if they are still working on these issues? There hasn't really been any news on it.

            If you've installed the 1.1 patch, thats the source of your issues

            reinstall the game.

              No shit..? So the patch broke it? I was under the impression that you have to install a patch, you have no choice.

      Launch Day PS3 here also, and I had 1 freeze during the length of the game. It wasn't a complete freeze either, with the Norman, investigated a clue, it didn't return control to me, everything was still moving and there were sounds still...

      It's a shame there are Day 1 patches and such, but did you install the patch? as far as I'm aware that should resolve a bunch of the visual and audio synch issues, possible freezes as well...

      I was having some issues last night as well.

      The audio cut out and then the game froze intermittently at least five or six times in the birthday scene.

      Then the audio and the video went out of sync by about 20 seconds or so in the beginning of the mall scene.

      The late title card montage was very framey for me after that (but not 'broken' so to speak).

      Also, when I tried to play the tape on the telly when Ethan had his kid over, the whole thing glitched over and I have no idea what the tape actually was.

      So I am also at a stage where I'm not sure if I should keep playing, or wait for a patch or something. Maybe its because I'm playing on an SDTV. It seems a lot more games these days are playing choppier on lower res TV's.

      Crashed for me on the first first interaction - when he's getting out of bed! Not the greatest of starts, but thankfully haven't had any problems since (on my PS3 slim).

    I have a story for ya.
    So iinet are supposed to send a telstra technician out on sunday between 10 and 2 to fix my phoneline in the new place.
    At 2:20 i call iinet and say "yo dawg, where is yo boy at with ma internizzle"
    and they are like
    you werent home.
    And im like oh you gotta be kidding me.

    So I get to work this morning and my work land line voice mail has a message from the telstra tech saying to give him a call.

    dude, you are coming to fix a land line, and I would think telstra techs know the difference between a landline and mobile. Who did he think was gonna pick up when he called a landline? Why didnt iinet give him my mobile number? So many questions on a monday...

    Whats the deal with the PS3 version of Bad Company 2 being delayed until the 11th ???????

    PC and XBOX are still on schedule.

    Sux, we were going to play it at the lan!

    re-post :)

      PS3 games do not necessarily come out of the same factory as 360 or PC games (the factory shipping the PS3 game may even be in a different country).

      My bet is on a distribution delay at the factory shipping the PS3 version.

    Any other PS3 users getting ‘Error code 8001050f’ when trying to go online?

      lots. it's an international problem.

    Hello....Is it me your looking for?

    1 more week to ff13. Dont care what other people say. Im going to like it

    Who's the Ben Abraham fellow that's posting as part of the Kotaku AU team? Intro please! :D

      Hello Vel! I'm the new Kotaku intern and I've been helping Goose by covering some events while he's been busy. He's in high demand, as you can imagine.

      Outside of the Big K, I'm a doctoral candidate at UWS researching videogames and videogame blogging. I play mostly on my PC (represent), read a lot of videogame blogs and write my own, I'm also a Capricorn and my only claim to fame is once having said "homoerotic" on TV as part of a Good Game segment with Rei.

        Ben, I'd suggest that your "permament death" blog series on Far Cry 2 is by now surely a second claim to fame.

        Does that mean your thesis will be avalable on the vUWS website at some point?

          My undergraduate thesis is available online here -

          As to my doctoral thesis, I think they usually get uploaded to the Australasian Digital Theses site (or most do) so when it's done in three years, give or take, it'll be there for all to see and poke fun at.

          vUWS is for subject specific course materials, so unless a lecturer decides it's required reading for a subject (ha!) then it won't go up there.

    Thought some of you guys might be interested,
    just got the Kmart catalogue today and they've got Bayonetta for $58, Guitar Hero: Van Halen for $44 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $78.

      I'm reasonably keen on checking out Guitar Hero: Van Halen. But I can't bring myself to purchase a game that was given away for free to American customers. Not that I would obtain a copy in a illegitimate matter, but paying $50 for a game for something an entire country got for free for doing the exact thing I did doesn't sit well with me.

      That, and my guitar is broken.

    Hope you guys enjoy this as much as i did.

    A gameboy demake thread of some of the latest and greatest games:

    how many games can you guys spot/recognize?

    David, I recall you have a 'special' review version of the PS3 console? Is that right? Anyway... question is, was that console victim of the Black PS3 down day?

      No, mine escaped unscathed. Plenty of journo friends weren't so lucky, however. (I think it's because I never updated the time.)

    Did anyone notice if, when they were talking about it on Sunrise this morning, they named the conclusive proof that anyone who plays video games becomes more violent?

    last weekend organised a small group of friends for a lan to play some aliens versus predator 3, (we all just bought it new, long time big fans of avp2 on lan) we could not get it to work over the lan, wasted over an hour reading finding our it has issues with lan support.

    so the rest of the time was borderlands and demigod. (awesome games) but still pissed at avp3,

    RBN goes live today and *surprise* no support for Australia due to our lack of XNA support...
    Can't believe this was never mentioned in all the buildup to the RBN release and I also can't believe how inept our classification laws are that they prevent us having the XNA channel on our Xbox360's... Was so looking forward to this but I guess it'll never happen now...

      What are RBN and XNA?

        Rock Band Network - Music artists can create their own song in the game professionally and submit it for review, increasing DLC immeasurably. XNA is Microsofts Game Development program for people to create their own games, results being the Indie games channel we can't get in Australia due to each independent release not going through our classification system. Even though any questionable content would not be allowed by Microsoft anyway and there is peer review in place to alert you to what themes are contained within each game.

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