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    Is there a way to upgrade my 13.3" macbook pro's video card from a 9400m to a 9600m? Thank you wise people of kotaku.

      No - As with any laptop, RAM and HDD is about all you can upgrade.

    Has anyone seen Bad Company 2 on PS3 anywhere yet? A dude at Game Traders in Brissy said that as soon as they get it, they'll start selling it. So just hoping that someone may have seen it on shelves somewhere...

      Bad Company 2 on the PS3 was delayed to 11 March in Australia

        I realise, but as there is no "Street Date" I was hoping retailers had received early shipments.

          Mate, I'm just taking a punt here but based on the available information...

          It was developed by DICE is Sweden? Probably manufactured by Sony DADC in Italy and shipper out of Frankfurt in Germany. I've seen it before, Customs paperwork between Italy and Germany gets screwed up and there is no end to the pain.

          The long and the short is we become at the mercy of export custom departments, trucking, and airlines (space availability) before it arrives here for distribution and there is not a lot anyone can do about it.

          It really is, "How long is a piece of string?"

          (I feel your frustration - I'm waiting for it too!)

    Anyone else finding Kotaku loading much slower than usual?

      Yes, much slower. I've also noticed that this is happening with Gizmodo and Lifehacker.

      Yeah, I've been noticing this since late last week. Curiously it only seems to be for the main page, the articles themselves still load quickly.

      Finding that the issue pops up depending on which splash advertisement...

      I'm finding that the "Trend Micro" lags a page abit...

      I'm not sure if it's been retired, but "Surrogates" was the one that was causing major slowdown for me...

      Yes, absolutely... it's getting very sluggish, but not all the time.

      Not only slower, but in Firefox, I was finding that it would completely slow my browser to a crawl. Scrolling the page would have lag, seconds long! It was even on occasion completely crashing firefox. Not to mention, it you look at CPU usage, this RIDICULOUS trend-micro ad is consuming a whopping 50%+ of my CPU! Not very green of this site. :(

      I've tried using adblock to stop it, I think its coming from googleadservices....?

      Mind you, I find it HILARIOUS that an advertisement for internet security, and SMART SURFING is creating this mess! Oh the irony.

      We're looking into this.

        Thats great to hear David! :-D Not sure if this is causing troubles in other browsers...??? But I can say its an issue on my rig with firefox, mind you, it could be a thousands different things, but I'd start with disabling the ad for an hour to see if it improves things. I dont know, we need a web expert to jump in!

    So I started playing on xbox live for the fist time this weekend.
    I played halo 3, BFBC2 and MW2 team deathmatch.
    I don't think I played against any Australians... but in all of them I didn't notice any lag, and despite all the complaints MW2 didn't drop out once.

    Is it because of the game type I was playing... or am I due for some bad drop-outs next weekend?

    Word around the campfire is that Dragon age: Awakening is going to be DLC only in some areas including Australia. It makes sense considering we are only 2 weeks away from release and no one is listing the PS3 version of the game. I personally don’t like the idea because it would be a huge download and its space my 40 gig ps3 just doesn’t have. It should be interesting to see if the price of the game is lower now on the ps3.

    Has anyone confirmed it will be DLC only?

      Let me clarify, DLC only for PS3. PC and 360 are getting a retail version.

        It would seem that way... seeing as we are best buddies with UK/EU and do everything they do...

        "PlayStation®3 version of Dragon Age: Awakenings is only available on the PlayStation®Network."

        I'd go as far and even suggest that the PS3 version might be the "most expensive" also. Retail stores will probably look at a lower margin to get the sale when it's released. The PS3 version will be sitting on the store at RRP.

        And before anyone jumps in to suggest that the Digital Version "should" be cheaper, I agree also, but the fact remains that the distributors (in this case EA/Bioware) continue to set the prices of DLC the same as the retail price. As they know, they will get maximum revenue returns this way.

    Well, call me slow on the uptake, but i've finally connected my xbox up to live through my laptop (screw paying $100 for wireless) after a year of owning my 360.

    Spent a fair portion of yesterday playing MW (original) and Gears 2 and i gotta say, i can see why people say great things about it. Playing cooperative on gears 2 in horde mode was a blast. Didn't get a chance to try borderlands or any others yet though...

    So now i'll need some friends on my list. I'd love to see some of you guys and gals out there and playing.

    My gamertag is Chul00p4 :)

    Also, i'd like to add, what the hell is with the marketplace here for aus? i've been wanting to play a few indie games on my 360 and it seems i can't get them here - even when i went online it said "not available in your region"... this makes me grrrrr... is this another example of Aussies getting screwed, or am i just not looking hard enough?

      Yeah, I started this weekend too.
      Thank god for public holidays.

      I played MW2, Halo3, BFBC2 and really enjoyed all of them.

      I've got to say that despite all the horror stories MW2 only dropped out once... and that was at the end of the match.
      In all 3 games though I only found one other person who was miked up, he was from Nevada and just wanted to say how awesome Austrlian wine was.

      I wished I'd gotten into live earlier.

      My gamertag is Blue Sardonyx if your looking for people.

        Sweet, I need some more Aussie friends for BFBC2. I'm Shatterfront, so I'll add you both if you want to hit it up sometimes.

        Also, yeah, it's just another example of us getting screwed.

        Always good to play with other aussies... Mine is I R NiNja Cat

    is it just me or has kotaku been running slow to load some pages for about a month...?

      No, it's not just you... we're all noticing it.

      Dave did say their servers were on PS3's so maybe that's it.
      Unless he was joking?

    In a moment of madness, I picked up Mass Effect 2 on PC. Not the sort of game I usually play, but I felt like a trip in space. HAving not played ME1, I wasn't really sure of what to expect, but. OH WHAT A GAME! Its had me hooked in big time, a great story (although some parts made no sense), and I really felt transported away to the future. I even enjoyed scanning every single damn planet!
    So anyways, I was happily playing to super nice guy, and trying to get with Miranda. Then along comes this Tali girl who is oh so sweet and all of a sudden I find out I have to choose between them! Man, I sat there for 10 minutes, (I had vowed not to go back and change my mind on decisions, I wanted to play through twice and wanted to keep surprises in there) in the end I had to walk away.
    A game hasn't had me so hooked since commander keen. So I goes and makes a cup of coffee to ponder what fate my space me should take. I come back and to my horror, my daughter was playing...
    A fork in the road which stopped me in my tracks, made me smile with how well I had been suckered into this corner of choice by bioware, and my daughter clicked away the flow of the galaxy in a thoughtless instant.

    Desperate to get a grip on the situation I scream "What did you do!, What did YOU do!!???" She giggles at my desperation to see how hooked I am in this world. "Relax" she says, "I'm not stupid dad, I know the world is about sex, so I said yes to loving Tali because I have no idea who Miranda is".
    Okay, I was at 60% Tali 40% Miranda so I probably would have choosen the same destiny... But, a game in which one click in the hands of another leaves me this pent up over loss of control is definately my GOTY so far.

    Still being upset over my loss of control, I finished the game (65 hours, I took my time) and have started again, as a chick, an angry chick. I'm going evil all the way and hope to get with Jack. ;)

      Pick up ME1 too, you'll be glad. I liked ME2 a lot and I think the gameplay is an improvement overall on ME1, but I felt the story was hurt a bit by the fact that it's the middle of the trilogy and wasn't quite as good as part 1, and the number of characters prevented them from giving as much time and depth to individual characters as in ME1. ME1 had them develop more naturally as well, ME2 it kind of gets put into a neat package on each person's loyalty mission.

      And the ME2 ammo clip system bugged me like crazy (it's clearly inferior to the ME1 infinite ammo system but was retconned as having been introduced galaxy-wide as an "upgrade"... even worse, Shepherd is instantly familiar with it despite not having used it before. EVEN WORSE, people who crash landed on a planet 10 years ago and have been isolated since are using the same ammo clips which have allegedly only been created since the events of ME1. What immersion?)

      I'm the same way about decisions in these games, though, I know what you mean (I ended up with Liara in the first game partly because I told off Ashley at one point about her xenophobia, which shut off her romance path). Although I was tempted to reload to try and keep Conrad Verner alive for the inevitable ME3 cameo, after he got in the best lines of the entire game this time around.

      I actually hooked up with no-one in ME2, flirting with Kelly aside, and stayed faithful to Liara from ME1 (although I got propositioned pretty hard by Miranda, complete with the pan-up-the-skintight-suit-from-behind shot, and by Tali). Bioware better reward me for it!

      I got a copy of ME2 a little while ago from EA from that "Seek" job listing thing after putting in a resume - but i refuse to play it until i get and play ME1.

      ...Which i hope will be soon as i am hanging to play it lol

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