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    Well I played some FFXIII over the weekend and all I want to say is: I want Vanille to die so I don't have to hear her squeaky Oliver Newton John voice any more.

      Really? I don't mind her voice.

        lol my Wife HATES her. She said she believes it is a piece of gaming genius to have tried to make a character annoying and managed to not only do that but exceed beyond all expectations!

    EA/Dice is already talking about the second free DLC... Does anyone know what the story is with the Bad Company 2 in-game store (PS3) as it is still not working and I'm still waiting for the first free DLC?

      Nevermind - PS3 in-games store up and running last night :)

    Anyone find that during the heavy release periods you feel like your rushing through games to free your self for the next one and therefore not enjoying them as much as you would / should?

      What I find is I purchase 3 games on the one day. Try them all for 30 minutes and the one that grabs me I play to the end.

      The others tend to sit on the shelf for 12 months after that until there is a dead period in game releases.

      This means I always have games i havn't even played lying about but sometimes by the time i get back to them they are dated because I have played better that was released afterwards.

    FF13. Deep into chapter 11. Still enjoying it. The scenery is gorgeous, I like the characters are more complicated and conflicted than the usual noble, goody-two-shoes teams we've had the last few outings, that male-female interactions can happen without romantic subtext, and the change of pace to a game with no dilly-dallying and chocobo racing in the middle of what's meant to be an urgent quest.

    I hate the Crystarium and equipment-levelling processes nearly as much as the draw system from FF8 though. Requires way too much time spent in menus and doing finicky boring stuff.

    The combat system has some good ideas, but it's hurt by:

    1. Not being able to tell your party members to go stand away from the Sentinel so they don't get hit by AOE.

    2. Party leader KO equals game over (especially later when you can change leader at will, what's the big deal about one designated guy being KO'd?), because anyone other than a Sentinel is prone to being one-rounded in many fights either when the monster turns away from the Sentinel for a split second or just by the AI being stupid and standing in the AOE....

    3. Which means you have to play the Sentinel personally, which is boring. They needed to give the class some way to interact with enemies beyond blocking and taunting. Sunder Armor anyone?

    4. Not enough pattern bosses which reward you for shifting between paradigms to match the boss' actions. Most of them just reward switching between tank-and-spank mode and tank-and-rebuff mode, and maybe burn mode at the end. The fight in the middle of the Ark level, and Vanille's eidolon fight, are excellent, but there haven't been enough of those so far.

    When push comes to shove, they had to make a hard decision on the combat model: are they still using the ATB bar and turn-based combat via menus, or are they going real-time? They compromised instead, and it doesn't quite work. They either need to return to say the FF10 style or they need to give up the ATB bar and go to Dragon Age-style combat.

      You're right man, I HATE the Crystarium and the Weapon leveling up. Moreso the weapon leveling.

      The rest of the game's great though.

    Just a thanks to whoever fixed it, but the speed of Kotaku has improved heaps, no more 30 second page wait times! Big thanks Dave and crew! :D

    So hands up who's voting G4C this weekend?

    Are they gonna get more than Mr. Atkinsons predicted 1%?

      Anything could happen. I'm hoping for a G4C victory, but the questions are:

      How many people still support the current seat holder?

      How many people in Croydon are interested in the R18 rating debate?

      Will the actions of Atkinson over the past few months show in the final result on Saturday night or will it be different?

      Only time will tell.

    What's been up with the Kotaku au servers lately?

      I gotta second that.

    It seem to be a quite start to the week , or more importantly a busy start and nonebody have had any time to make a comment. I’ll get the ball rolling with an open question about anyone's thoughts on the Playstation Move?

    I’ve got to admit while I don’t really like the name, I’ve been really surprised with the reports hitting the web lately about its capabilities and will keep an eye on its progress.

    I’ve resisted the urge to buy a Wii since I already have a 360 and PS3 despite the wife’s interest in Wii Sport & Wii Fit. It would be great to get an equivalent title for her using Move or Natal tech since I already own 75% of the hardware needed in that scenario.

    Picked up my copy of FFXIII Thursday on the way home from work and still havnt played it as yet, forgive me Father for I have sinned. Damnation to working a 6 1/2 day week, is there no justice ?

      You really need the time to sit down with this one. The first few hours are not much more than cut-scenes and saving to get the story going.

      Its not a horrible thing and you can pause through cut-scenes but unless you have the time to do the first few hours in one hit the story line might not manage to Grab you so make a significant amount of time for it.

    I'd like to mention that these Trend Micro ads all over the site destroy my work PC. Seriously, IE takes up 100% CPU usage whenever they're visable on the screen. Who the hell created these flash ads, they use SO MUCH processor power!?

      Flash is evil, which is why I do not shed tears over the iPhone/iPad not supporting it.

    So where is Dave I wonder?

      Lost in action playing the God of War Trilogy back to back?

    Ok, I asked something related on the us Giz, got some info, but I turn to Kotaku au for this specific question.

    I'm planning to upgrade my cheapy Microsoft mouse to a Microsoft Sidewinder X8. I don't have any way to pay for goods online yet, but I can get a Debit card (and since I'm a tertiary student, the fees should be waived)

    I looked through google to find any physical stores that sell the X8, couldn't find any within local reach that had it in stock. I looked at the online stores and a entry came up. (For those who don't know, the site lists online stores in terms of price, but doesn't show postage)

    Looking at their prices, it looks fairly good, however before I go getting a Debit card/spending money online. With the shopbot listings, i'm unsure of the site that I may buy off of.
    Is pcdiy to buy from, and if anyone has experience with them, please share.

      Ok, I looked around further, I found one for just under $70 with just under $15 postage cost. Just unsure of the site.
      itsdirect is the site I found, yet still unsure of it as well. Same deal with the other site as well.

    Just noticed on Steam that Metro 2033 has gone live, and, bizarrely, has magically dropped from US$79.99 (its preorder price for Australia- it was US$49.99 for Americans) down to match the US price of US$49.99. Sucks to preorder, doesn't it?

      Yeah I noticed that too. I'm again interested in it now that they're not price gouging anymore.

      I hate this new trend of pricing games in the AU Steam higher than the US Steam. If they're getting USD why do we need to pay more than other markets? I pay the currency exchange and our ISPs pay for the bandwidth to the US servers where the files are hosted.

        Blame the local bricks & mortar stores for complaining to the various publishers about lost sales due to cheaper Steam/Digital pricing.

        The official excuse is that "we're just charging you the price you'd pay in the shops. Charging less on Steam compromises the market" or some slop like that. aka they think they can make more money so they'll try.

      Well, now I know why it's cheaper, it's because the game doesn't work anyway, crashes as soon as I try to load it, same as a bunch of other people on the Steam forum. ffffffffffff hate pc gaming want it to die.

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