Test Drive Unlimited Returns

Atari and Eden Games return to the islands for Test Drive Unlimited 2, the sequel to the hit 2006 online sandbox driving game. How does 2 compare to the original? The difference is night and day - and vehicle damage.

Test Drive Unlimited was a pretty big Xbox 360 title when it came out in 2006. It was a prime example of the potential of Xbox Live online multiplayer, allowing the player to see other drivers playing the game online, dropping in and out of races on the fly. It was a little buggy, sure, but we liked it.

Now Eden and Atari team up once again for Test Drive Unlimited 2, giving players a whole new island and features that should make this second installment far superior to the first. Weather effects, a day and night cycle, and vehicle damage up the ante in the sequel, with a revamped single player narrative mode that you can play both on and offline.

"After the highly successful Test Drive Unlimited which redefined the genre with massively open online racing, Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be an innovative evolution in racing games, expanding its unparalleled multiplayer experience and immersing players in a world full of new online content and lifestyle customisation." said Jeff Lapin, CEO of Atari, SA. "The game fits squarely into our strategy of moving online and generating new revenue streams while maintaining our current retail business."

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is due out this fall on the Xbox 360, PC and the PlayStation 3.


    woo make cars, make more cars... woo.

    The first Test Drive Unlimited was the first game I ever worked on when I entered the video games industry and I thought it was great. Whole afternoons of playing multiplayer against other work mates in the room. I can't wait for the second installment.

    how similar would this be to burnout paradise? i never played the original test drive.

    Not very... the only similarity both games have is that they have an open world. TDU is pure racing where Burnout Paradise uses more dirty tacticts to win.

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