The 10 Tribes Of Final Fantasy XIV - Oh Look, Dark Elves!

Sure, Final Fantasy XIV only has five races that are renamed versions of the races from Final Fantasy XI, but with two tribes each, that's like ten races total! Let's take a look at them, shall we?

The Japanese Final Fantasy IV site now formally splits each of the game's five races into two separate tribes, depicted in the pictures below, while a translation from of a Famitsu article at covering the update provides us information about the differences between each tribe.

The human-looking Hyuran are split between the intelligent Midlanders and the burly Highlanders.

The catlike Miqo'te are made up of the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon and the day active Seekers of the Sun.

The elvish Elezen are divided as the more traditional Foresters and the dark-dwelling Shaders - that's right, Final Fantasy XIV has dark elves.

The hulking Roegadyn are represented by the Seewolf clan of sailors and the volcano-guarding Lohengarde.

Finally, fans of those cute little things can either play Plainsfolk or Dunefolk, both equally adorable.

I'm not even going to say what race I plan to play, as you'll all just call me a furry.


    by the looks of this no matter what race you play ill call you a furry

    Getting a lot of Viera vibe from the Seekers of the Sun tribe... I dunno about you, but in games, tan chicks with white hair is always sexy!

    finally.. final fantasy can be bombarded with all the dual wielding drizzt, drizzits, drizztz dourden,duurden dourdans

      Too long ago. Even the zillion variants of Leggolaszzs will have started to reduce, I would have thought. We'll be overrun by dark elves and catgirls pretending to be vampires from Twilight instead.

    All I can say is the game better have more organisation and obvious signposting than FF XI. That game was a horrific mess of how to confuse an MMO player. You should not need to reference a guide to start your first quest. As for the racial looks, I could wish for sliders, but if FF XI is anything to judge by, it'll be those faces in a variety of hair styles and colours. It is nice to see that I like the look of the races, but the gameplay will be far, far more telling. FF XIII hasn't exactly made me like the series.

    I love Final Fantasy, and I really like MMOs, but I only played FFXI for 2 days then just stopped. Glad I only paid $10 for it. I'd really like to believe that Square Enix can learn from their mistakes and make a decent MMO, but I don't have my hopes too high for it.

    Has anyone else noticed that the highlanders are called Hyman... I want to bust some off those.

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