The 19th Century Called, It Wants Its Game Boy Back

Steampunk may be growing a little old in the tooth as far as internet crazes go, but that doesn't mean we turn our backs on it completely. Fancy steampunk Game Boys, for example, are worth a second look.

Designed by Game Boy modder Thretris, it's an original 1989 model, and comes with not just a fancy new exterior, but also a new audio output so that budding chiptune artists can use the handheld to record Game Boy music (note the regular headphone jack still works, though, so you can game as the '80s intended).



    looks more like macaroni art to me, not steampunk.

      aye, looks like someone stuck some lego's to it as well

      oh look over there, there is some tall poppies,
      lets go cut them down

      yeah, that's a good comparison.

      apart from drilled (speed) holes there was no actual modification to the unit. it's just junk glued to the surface. and then painted. i reckon at the very least the buttons should of been replaced.

      but the paint job is pretty good though.

    wow that things sexy!

    That is totally wicked.

    On one hand, I'd really love to own this.
    On the other, my logic is asking me what use I'd have for it.

    wouldn't the piping get in the way of using it properly?

    Looks like something stolen from Rapture. :P

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