The Amazing Bill Paxton Pinball Machine

The incredibly talented (and patient) Ben Heckendorn, hacker and modder extraordinaire, has revealed his latest and greatest creation, a built-from-scratch pinball table based on the works and quotes of actor Bill Paxton.

Heckendorn crafted almost everything you see here from raw materials combined with blood, sweat and tears, including the LED display, the body, the art overlays, the backglass - hell, he even programmed the damn thing. Bill Paxton Pinball pulls soundbites from Paxton's storied career, ranging from Titanic to True Lies to other films and TV shows not directed by James Cameron.

My favourite gag? The Big Love-inspired multiball ball locks. Oh, and the constant Hamm's beer references.

To see Bill Paxton Pinball in action or to see how that crazy Ben Heck created his very own pinball machine over the course of five years, head over to the man's official site.

Bill Paxton Pinball [Ben Heck]


    I'm guessing when you're out of balls, it plays his most famous line ever... "GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!!!" from Aliens. Oh yeah.

      Yeah it does. check out the videos!
      It's awesome!!

    It is great, and way better than I could make, but BH really puzzles me. He can do these amazing things, but then does something like take the side-art from a screen grab from a standard definition DVD, not even from a blu-ray or from a high quality print or *something*. His laptop builds are like that too, amazing feats on some levels then some ugly or crazy cost-cut that kind of uglies up the whole thing. Maybe it is the American aesthetic, like their cars.
    I mean, he really does amazing stuff, just drops the ball in odd places.

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