The Best Gamers Know These Best One-Liners

The Best Gamers Know These Best One-Liners

At PAX East, geek hero Wil Wheaton decided to check which generations the thousands of people attending his keynote were from by testing some gaming one-liners. People roared for each one.

“It is very dark”

“You have died of dysentery”

“Roll initiative”

“Shots do not hurt other players … yet.”

“Enchompment? Enchompment!”

“I play Dark Lotus and Black Lotus and summon a Sengir Vampire.”

“Our princess is in another castle”

“on see yend, uh tard, el hee-um” [Note from Stephen: Someone, please help! That is the phonetic spelling of whatever it is he said. I have no idea, but tons of people were howling for it.]

“Game over, moonpie”

Honestly, I felt like less of a gamer after hearing the crowd lose it for all of those, because I never head of some of them. You?



  • The game over moonpie could be a referene to his wil’s appearance in The Big Bang Theory when he played in a magic the gathering style card game competition against Sheldon. Sheldon’s grandmother (or Meemaw sp.? as she’s known to him) gave him the nickname of Moonpie when he was young, and he revealed this secret to Wil during the competition. Wil then proceeded to mock Sheldon and use this knowledge to his advantage.

  • well it would help if some were right..

    “I play Dark Lotus and Black Lotus and summon a Sengir Vampire.”

    there is no Dark Lotus. i think it is meant to be Dark Ritual but that would leave 1 mana burn of which could be done.. but it would make more sense to be:

    “I play Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual and summon a Sengir Vampire.”

    • Dark ritual, black lotus and Sengir vampire would be a fine first turn, mana burn or not. That’s probably what he meant, or maybe even said :-p.
      It’s from Magic the Gathering btw.

  • “It is very dark” = Zork (aka you are about to be eaten by a grue)?

    “You have died of dysentery” = Oregon Trail

    “Roll initiative” = DnD

    “Enchompment” may refer to Dragon Age.

  • The dysentry one rings a bell. Was that from that really old, old, old game where you had to cross America in a caravan with some settlers or something. What was that called…?

  • “on see yend, uh tard, el hee-um” is from the Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons Crawl Podcast. Wil played a Eladrin Avenger. This phrase was used whenever he made an “Oath of Enmity”

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