The Characters Of Zenonia 2

Gamevil's follow-up to the beloved iPhone role-playing game Zenonia brings four new characters, ranged fighters Ekne and Morpice, and melee warriors Daza and Lu. Get to know them in their official bios.

Zenonia 2: The Lost Memory, in closed beta testing as you read this, features four characters, each falling into one of two categories, ranged and melee. The teenage paladin Lu and Warrior Daza will be at the forefront of battle, taking as good as they can get while magician Morpice and pistol-packing Ekne take up the rear.

I'm a little worried about ranged characters in a game controlled with a virtual joystick, which doesn't always work, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on all four of these new characters when Zenonia 2 hits the iPhone app store, hopefully later this month.


    2 things:

    Why havent apple released an external controller for the iphone ?

    Super exited for zenonia 2, i've clocked over 30 hours on the original (i fly/catch a train a lot)

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