The Console With The Best Game Scores Is...

According to Japanese game magazine Famitsu, that is. The publication has crunched the review scores and has listed the platforms in order with the best library of games.

In the current issue of Famitsu, reviews until late 2009 were considered. Famitsu grades scores on a scale of 40 points out of 40. For games to get a "gold" award, it needs to get a 32/40. So for example, the Game Boy has 15 games (out of Game Boy 1071) that scored at least 32/40 or better.

It is important to note that Famitsu has become more generous with its scores in recent years - hence more classic consoles at the bottom of the list.

20. Game Gear (0/184, 0 percent)

19. Wonder Swan (1/179, 0.55 percent)

18. Game Boy (15/1071, 1.40 percent)

17. Genesis (11/534, 2.06 percent)

16. PC Engine (22/628, 3.5 percent)

15. NES (34/955, 3.56 percent)

14. Super NES (55/1407, 3.90 percent)

13. PlayStation (130/2645, 4.93 percent)

12. Sega Saturn (52/930, 5.59 percent)

11. Game Boy Advance (90/618, 14.56 percent)

10. Dreamcast (62/407, 15.23 percent)

9. Nintendo DS (152/887, 17.14 percent)

8. Wii (50/257, 19.46 percent)

7. PlayStation 2 (393/1997, 19.68 percent)

6. Nintendo 64 (38/183, 20.77 percent)

5. Xbox (40/185, 21.62 percent)

4. PSP (90/388, 23.20 percent)

3. GameCube (87/240, 36.25 percent)

2. Xbox 360 (104/240, 43.33 percent)

1. PlayStation 3 (77/171, 45.03 percent)

Of course, if a console has a smaller library there is a great chance that it will be have more "gold" games. Well, unless it's the Game Gear. Quality over quantity, or something!

It's Official: PS3 Has The Best Library Ever [1Up][Pic]


    3. Gamecube


      How is that rigged, the gamecube was an unappreciated gem. Had the largest number of (at the time of release) good exclusives for that generation IMO.
      Just the other day I was thinking how ironic it is that the Wii with a comparatively terrible game library was so much more popular.

        Paul is totally right! Although thinking about it, Nintendo have never really made a GREAT controller.
        I'm used to N64 one - but i would choose a 360 or PS controller anyday.

        Maybe one day...

    Wait, wait, we're going on the advice of a Japanese company that hates anything foreign?

    It's also funny looking at those scores, they must just be dishing out 10's a lot more often nowdays.

    I'd say statistically the PS3 and Xbox are about the same given that the Xbox has more games.

    But when you bring it down to exclusives, oh boy.

    umm, is it just me , or is that a transexual on the cover?! WTHIWJP

    Go Nintendo 64! No. 6 - Yeah Baby!!! You still got it.

    Considering there isn't much of a gap between the 360 and PS3, i'm quite shocked the 360 ranked so high.
    I guess critics aren't going to rate a gamer lower because the system doesn't sell well in their region, but still...

    I'm also shocked the PS3 ranked 1st - even taking into the fact the amount of games they reviewed - or well, what little games they have reviewed.

    A lot of a console's library these days are made up of annual sport games, which in some cases CAN be good games and movie tie-in's and shocking sequels to dried out franchises.

    I was really expecting N64 or DS to be in Top 3. I say the DS (even though there are hundreds or just stupid pointless games) because a lot of the stupid, pointless games like COOKING STUFF etc... are actually made properly but still crap games.

    the article doesnt directly mention that this list (i assume) is which consoles had the highest percentage of games that ranked gold on the magazines scale.


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