The Cutest Indie Game Plushie Ever

Indie game developer Edmund McMillen goes full circle, so to speak, as Bigshot Toyworks releases a couple of plush toys based on his award-winning PC game Gish, starring a loveable ball of tar out to save his girlfriend.

With a new Gish game on the horizon and a cameo by the grinning black ball in Super Meat Boy for WiiWare, it's high time we got our own version of the loveable slimeball to cuddle secretly before we go to sleep. Gish comes in two sizes, four inches and eight inches, which will run you $US8 and $US16 respectively at the Bigshot Toyworks website.


    I loved Gish, but I failed on the last level. Somehow I managed to kill Gish's girlfriend and he lived the rest of his life alone.

    I wouldn't mind having one but I'm fairly sure the shipping would be more than the product to get it here to Australia.

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