The Dangers Of Owning A Portal Gun In Real Life

Real life Bike Hero and enemy of viral marketing douchebags Freddie Wong is also the proud (unfortunate) new owner of an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, which currently looks a lot like a Nerf gun.

Consider this a warning to the Mac-only gamers in the crowd who might not have already learned this lesson the hard way by acquiring the Terminal Velocity achievement in Portal. For everyone else, let's just laugh at poor Mr. Wong's unfortunate circumstance.

(And if you get a clear look at that final single frame with its encoded message, let us know what it says, eh? We need to know if someone's gone to the dark viral marketing side.)

P.S. Thanks, Freddie!


    I managed to grab a screenshot of the last frame:

    It looks like it ROT13 or something... I haven't yet typed it out into notepad to decode though...

    It's not ROT13. I've been trying to crack it as a substitution code without success so far.

      I don't think it's a substitution code. There are 5 different letters used for words that are only 1 letter long.

    I didn't crack it, but I noticed on the comments to the video that someone else already had. I think the solution's been deleted though, cause I can't find it anymore. It was basically just a "email this text to us and win a prize" kind of message.

    It was definitely some sort of substitution cypher, though, since you can kind of see the patterns (e.g. just off the top of my head, I can see that "A" becomes "I" and "o" becomes "a").

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