The Dark Side Of The NES

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is an all-time rock classic, but that's provided you're listening to it on a record. And maybe smashed off your face. Things are a little different when it sounds like a NES game.

This project does just that. It's called Moon8, and is the work of Canadian Brad Smith, all-round geek hero, who's not only a video game programmer (most recently on Obsidian's ill-fated Aliens RPG), but a synth musician and Wikipedia editor as well.

He's remixed the entire album in this style, and it's available for download from the project site below.



    Wow, this is fantastic. Nostalgic on two counts, both the actual music and also the sounds used. :)

    Driving around on the Gold Coast BLAIRING this at top volume! Lovin it!

    I was so excited to hear this that I accidentally released a small amount of wee.

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