The First Gloriously Big, Gloriously Detailed Shots Of An iPad Game

There has been much talk about gaming on the iPad, but not a whole lot of delivery.

In fact, I can only think of one game that I know of that will be made specifically for the iPad: Trism Spinoff. But even that didn't have much in the way of details.

Today, though, Secret Exit is showing off their iPad version of popular iPhone game Zen Bound. Zen Bound 2 is described as "both a sequel and a revision" of the original for the iPad. The new game will include new levels, more music, new kinds of gameplay and much more detailed graphics.

"The graphical fidelity on the iPad far improves on the critically acclaimed visuals of the first game - the surfaces are brimming with detail, vivid colours and subdued tones," according to the press release.

Looking at this pictures, I have to agree. The game is expected to hit around the same time as the April 3 release of the iPad.


    DO WANT.

    Nice tech demo... oh wait, that's a game.

    I dunno. +800AUD for a glossy giant Ipod is a bit much.

      Was +$800 AUD for the high end high capacity version, or the low end wifi version us peons get drip fed here in Australia?

      With Steve Jobs also mentioning there will be no iPhone tethering for the internet forcing you to get the more expensive version and a secondary 3G data plan, I am finding less and less encouragement to get one of these.

    Lol how fake is this crap.
    I guess its a good way of trying to convince people of shelling nearly a grand on something so pointless in order to buy their own product which is already available on something else much cheaper.

    the PSPgo is more deserving of success than the iPad

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