The First Pakistani Arcade Game Could Use A Little Work

Shera Jutt, the first arcade game created by a Pakistani Company, takes a humorous look at pop Punjabi culture, or it would have, had sponsors not pulled out of the project four years ago.

Trango Interactive is an independent game development company in Pakistan that wants to release the first Pakistani arcade game, if they can ever get the whole sponsors situation straightened out. The game was slated for release in 2006, only to have the sponsors drop the game due to "piracy concerns". While there is currently no word on a future release for the title, I suspect this video making the rounds is part of a push for new sponsors.

Shera Jutt, should it ever see release, is a tongue-in-cheek, action-packed take on pop Punjabi culture, complete with a gandasa wielding main character. For those of you not familiar with Punjabi culture, the gandasa is an implement primarily used in cultivation and farming.

And yes, I totally Wikipedia'd that.

I suppose it looks OK for a game slated for release in 2006 in a country that's never released its own game before. The graphics are pretty horrible, and the action very jittery, but there is no mistaking that gandasa. When all else fails, go with what you know.

Pakistan's First Arcade Game – Shera Jutt (Demo) []


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