The God Of War Needs To Do Laundry Too

Turns out Kratos wasn't acting out against innocent Best Buy employees because he wanted a copy of God of War III. He was just sick of hanging out in the story reading books, using the restroom, doing... laundry?

Wesley Smith dropped us a line to let us know that he was one of the people behind the Kratos appearance at Best Buy.

In his own words:

A few days before the midnight release my manager Jeff thought it would be funny if someone would dress up as Kratos. We laughed it off then a few days later we got a midnight release package in the mail containing the mask for Kratos and we thought that we had to go through with it because it would be hilarious. We asked Ryan because of obvious reasons (he's ripped!) and he was excited for it. So an hour before the midnight i took stage make up and painted him. I ran out of white paint before i got to his legs but i thought the top was good enough haha. We took a few photos then Jeff got the idea of taking photos in normal situations (like doing the laundry) and we just went from there. We had a blast that night and Ryan loved showing off his muscles haha.


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