The Grinder For Wii Will Still Be A First-Person Shooter

Just because High Voltage Software's horror shoot 'em up The Grinder is making the leap to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, transitioning from first-person perspective to top-down shooter, doesn't mean the original Wii version is dead. Far from it.

According to High Voltage's CEO Eric Nofsinger, the Wii version is still a going concern, it just may stick to its Left 4 Dead-like roots when played on a Wii Remote. Nofsinger tells IGN that the developer has "invested more than year into the Wii" version and "we wouldn't want to see that work 'thrown away'."

The most recent version of The Grinder we played at GDC was of the high-definition top-down variety, akin to the developer's Hunter: The Reckoning games.

Grinder Stays FPS on Wii [IGN]


    They don't know what they're missing out if they had made a L4D clone for the Xbox and PS3. Whats going to happen now is that 2 people are going to buy the Wii game and a couple of thousand are going to buy the top-down game.

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