The Insanely Good Looking Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Is Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

Artist Michel Gagne's stunning Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will be coming to consoles, thanks to developer Fuelcell Games and Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service. Why is this important? Because this game looks amazing.

The confirmation of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet's platform likely won't come as much of surprise to those who have closely followed the game's development. Gagne, Fuelcell and Microsoft have been hashing out this arrangement for the better part of a year. As someone who was thoroughly impressed by the game's 2009 trailer, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Unfortunately, we don't know when that's going to be just yet. Until such time as Fuelcell or Microsoft puts a date on this, we'll just watch Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet footage again and again - and play Limbo, the other extremely attractive and equally gloomy Xbox Live Arcade 2D adventure.


    That looks INCREDIBLE!!!

    Why does it remind me of Ben 10 and World of Goo?

    That song is from a black metal band called Dimmu Borgir.

      yeah the soundtrack for the whole game is gonna be Dimmu. SICK :D

    Graphics look great but gameplay looks rather difficult. Especially the spots where you are running away from something but are forced to be right up against the edge of the screen and can't see what obstacles are coming from off-screen.

    Sure, it looks pretty. But... I have reservations. It looks like it will play like Yet Another Twin Stick Shooter to me. A genre that I'm becoming more and more tired of by the minute.

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