The King Of Fighters XIII Screen Shots Bust Out

SNK Playmore is going to keep this King of Fighters thing going, unveiling the latest version, The King of Fighters XIII, in Tokyo this week. The most notable addition? The return of Mai Shiranui, the series' bosomy fan (service) favourite.

Joining The King of Fighters' bounciest ninja will be more modest newcomers King and Yuri, getting the old Women Fighters Team back together for XIII. SNK Playmore has released a few dozen new screens of The King of Fighters XIII in action, with the Mai screens courteously floated to the top for your perusal.


    Still too few characters...

    While I'm glad they're giving it another crack, they need to have much more of a package to convince me that it'll be worth purchasing. That, and both much better network code and more solid controls.

    Still, I really hope they can deliver. I love what they've done with the whole sticking-to-semi-2D-sprites thing, and its sad that it seems to be going the way of the dodo.

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