The Last Story Has Ships That Travel By Water, Not By Air

We're just a month away from the Japanese release of The Last Story, the first Wii game from role-playing game specialists Mistwalker, so it's time to look at... more concept art? This time, we get a preview of the game's ships.

While we've already basked in the conceptual glory of The Last Story's islands, cities and NPCs, now we know how we're getting there. Unlike Final Fantasy's classic airship mode of transport, The Last Story offers a slightly different mode of transport: water-locked ships. That Hironobu Sakaguchi loves him some shipcraft!

Until Nintendo and Mistwalker see fit to release some screen shots of The Last Story running on the Wii, enjoy pretty pictures of ships, canals and, hey, how about some bonus armour too.

Thanks for the tips, Witz!


    Holy crap, male characters actually look male!

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