The Legend Of Zelda Invades FarmVille

With all of those multi-coloured bales of hay in FarmVille why aren't more people doing this?

Or maybe they are and I haven't seen it yet.

[Thanks Dom8bit]


    my girlfriend and I made a space invader on her farm haha

    Yeah I made a giant space invader ages ago when it was still in beta. (one that took up my entire farm) It's still there, cos I don't play that game anymore :P

    What the hell is this Farmville thing?

      it's some sort of farming game on facebook. i never heard about it until i watched that presentation about the future of gaming about a month or so ago. apparently, farmville is very popular and if the creators don't make pokie machines then they are stupid.

    If you have a facebook. you know what farmville is... cant escape it

    This is the only reason to play Farmville. Siiigh.

    I admit I was suckered into FarmVille by me wife, but hay-bale images are pretty fun.

    Check out my effort

    It didn't quite go according to plan, but this is the most effort I put into my Farmville art.

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