The Limit

Yesterday we considered that maybe breaking the rules is the best way to play video games. Because — or despite that — game developers have to set limits. So is this Heavy Rain clip, via reader Syptel, a tolerable limit?

For those who haven't played the game, this scene is from the game's opening chapter. The game is still teaching the player how to move protagonist Ethan Mars through his world and will not allow the player to walk Ethan downstairs until he takes a shower (and teaches the player more of the game's controls in the process of tooth-brushing, turning on and off the shower and so forth).

The player of this YouTube clip is trying to break this particular limit. I recall trying to do the same. But Ethan Mars can't go downstairs before he takes a shower. Acceptable?


    I think this is something that would infuriate me in this game. I understand why it needs to be done, but it is just such a dumb flaw, if the player wants to go downstairs they should be allowed to. It really feels like poor design when developers just put some form of an invisible wall preventing a players progress until they do what they're supposed to. Why not just put up a sign saying 'No not this way yet' and then after 'Ok go this way now' it would be about as obvious.

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